Firm Timex SA on the strength of a signed partnership agreement has become a general importer of Kaessbohrer’s semitrailers and so their sole distributor on the Polish market.
The company is responsible for retail of semitrailers and spare parts, service of vehicles, assembling of semitrailers which are delivered in fours, settlement of guarantees and also building and supervising a chain of authorized Kaessbohrer’s semitrailers’ service stations in Poland. There is about twenty service stations planned in the country, basing on experience and former business contacts. A big challenge will be to set up a chain of service stations for tank trucks and vehicles with low undercarriage, which have considerably higher exploitation demands than standard canvas covered semitrailers. According to the Kaessbohrer company policy, the factory focuses in hundred per cent on the production of the highest quality vehicles and their delivery to their commercial partners.
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