The history of the company dates back to 90′s, when after privatization of Warsaw ZREMB (the producer of silos semitrailers), it was created Enerco company. Thanks to the purchase of licence from French BSLT company, it was possible to increase range of products with tanker’s semitrailer for a transport of dangerous materials. The choice of French technical thought turned out to be a huge success for Enerco, for it has sold then over 500 fuel tankers with aluminum containers (50 of them were sold as a BSLT product).

At present, the owner of the company is French Simatra France co-partnership (90% of shares), that specializes in production of steel and aluminum cylindric and elliptic tankers.
In Simatra’s offer can be found fuel tankers (including LPG) for a transport of chemicals and and loose materials.
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