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USA: 2 billions $ to program of car Exchange
The U.S. Senate approved on Thursday an additional 2 billion dollars in an exchange of old cars for new, less fuel-consuming models, which have already improved sales performance automotive companies. Senate has accepted boost of fund attitude of voice 60%-37% after information from representatives of administrations that initial amount of 1 billion $ has broken up within merely 10 days being effective over 200 thousand cars sold. Program “cash for clunkers” fortified many conditions enables owners obtainment 4,5 thousand $ federals help for exchange old car to more economic. On maximum surcharge can think owners, which change car which can cross 18 miles per hour on gallon of fuel on car achieving minimum 28 miles per gallon. In last week program has been voted in house of representatives . Now wait for signature of Barack Obama which in statement after Thursdays vote progress called him “success” President underlines that continuation of program will mean for consummates “700-1000$ yearly austerities on fuel, besides, for good will delete from roads the oldest and the most contaminating cars.

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