tank-silos-pressure-reservoirs Reservoirs called tank-silos, are designed to transport and storage food such how water, whey, chocolate, glucose, juices,, toxic or corrosive, flammable liquid etc. They have any capacity, heating or cooling installations. The additional equipment of tank-silos are stirrer, with any number of connections, sensors of temperature, the sensors of filling up, level, coils, manhole top or side, vents, installation of washing CIP system. The basic building block is austenitic stainless steel- resistant on corrosion – acid – resistant.  Depending on the requirements are applied to different types of steel carbon content and the content of alloying elements.  tank-silos-pressure-reservoir-planThe design eliminates the surfaces on which to collect the remains of the production. Bottoms in all of types of are made in the technology of rolling and spinning cold welds are cleaned mechanically – the cheeks of joints is removed and aligned with flush edges.

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