Tesco requires that products should be transported in refrigerator trucks with two chambers and two temperature ranges – for example +1, +9 Celsius degrees. The aim is that products ought to be always in the optimal conditions, this is the main requirement. Apart from this, vehicles have to be white and labeled “We’re working for Tesco” – says Hubert Baranowski, a specialist responsible for transport in Tesco Company.

Transported food articles are not only sides of meet, boxes with fruits or pallets of yoghurts. These are also liquid food, such as milk. To meet the demands of market, we offer our clients transport with modern tankers equipped with WEBASTO system, which is keeping the temperature during the transport process – emphasizes Małgorzata Kukowska, a manager of Transmlecz, the company which specialize in food tanker trucks.

The walls of semitrailer tanks are made of stainless steel and isolate products from the impact of external factors. After the completion of delivery the tanker is washed in certified car-wash and then sealed.

In case of articles, which are destined for production directly from transport, we use special food filters – explains Małgorzata Kukowska. Tankers are used to special kinds of transported goods. As far as the refrigerator transport is concerned, a refrigerating unit is responsible for keeping an exact temperature. It guarantees the temperatures ranging from -30 to +30 Celsius degrees inside the thermal chamber.  The built-in recorders  in every second can generate a printout from thermo-graph which can certify and prove the temperature inside the refrigerator tank.

The situation on the transport market is more difficult now. Ten years ago the rate for 1 km amounts to 130 per cent of the price of a liter of petrol. Today it is just a 60 per cent.  I am convinced, that there will be a consolidation of the market.  This process is going to take four to five years.  Many carriers have already moved into big and well-known companies.  They know, that alone they have absolutely no chances to survive. – says Hubert Baranowski.

The client consciousness  is increasing, especially when the quality of services and fleet is concerned. We prefer to pay more and be sure that our goods are transported with modern trucks, which are fulfilling all criteria and norms, and these can be provided only by big companies.

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