Tanker to transport food (foodstuff) use for watering and cleaning of roads, tanks for transport of water are stainless steel, type AISI 304 or 316 (on request, also flowers) in capacity from 1,000 to 35,000 liters.
The tanks are manufactured by performing a plating having a cross section and longitudinal form polycentric to 4 pieces united by a longitudinal weld. This curling is much stronger than welded transverse direction, especially in critical conditions. Cover plates are curved and have a border, on the contrary they are within the plating welded bulkheads breakwater. They are also stainless steel, curved and lined as they give strength to the sheet in the tank. The breakwaters are equipped with manholes needed for interviews.

Technical information of the tank

The standard apparatus staffing are: manhole upper stairs for access, carpets with higher current lowered, overflow valve and ventilation, exhaust pipe from the bottom, with valve closure, n. 2 boxes side door pipe with lockable doors, level indicator on the bottom of front mudguards and mud flaps for rear wheels.  On request there are centrifugal pumps self-priming. The pumps are available in various models of cast iron (fit for transport of industrial water) and stainless steel (for transport of drinking water).

 The tank is certainly eclectic: in fact using a centrifugal pump and a front bar with nozzles for washing, united with the centrifugal pump, we obtain a suitable spray equipment and clean the roads. The performance of centrifugal pumps (scope and discharge head) change depending on various user requirements. The movement of the centrifugal pump may be mechanical, hydraulic, but may also happen with an auxiliary motor.

We can provide equipment from several other gear: bar posterior distribution of drinking water, full of n. 6 ¾”rods, reels auxiliary complete manual of a hose and gun fit for service in extinguishing the fire,   drum auxiliary hydraulics,  front bar for the cleaning of roads,  hydraulic tilt,  bottom, and turning right and left,  we can control the cabin guide,  front bar to clear the roads of the telescopic type, which can drive the cab as a guide for the movement of mounting side, down, turn to right and to left, the bar can be dislocated to a maximum width of about 3.5 m cleaning; side nozzles are running and are mounted on the back of the anterior axis of the vehicle, able to clean the side-walk and the road under the stationary vehicles. We can provide equipment from several other gear as requested by users.

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